My life behind the camera finder.



My first camera was my father’s Agfa Isola when I was 12. This camera worked with roll film and I fed it until I  ran out of my always short pocket money.


After graduating in Biology, I devoted my time and energy to a career in the IT industry, but also did the three things a man should do in his life - well, I planted more than just one tree.

Photography always remained an important part of my life, although the budget situation was much better now, but the time to be creative was getting tighter.


The last four years I spent as Technical Support Manager for a software company in Sydney, Australia. The great nature and landscape of this continent caused a huge boost and motivation for refining my photographic skills.


Back in Germany, I decided to work on the creative site and became a self employed photographer and web-designer.


Landscape and nature photography is and has always been the topic that fascinated me most. To be outside at any time of the day in any weather conditions is one great thing. To get back home with some great shots is the icing on the cake.


I am always interested and keen to try new technologies to expand my creativity. It’s really amazing if you take a look at all the innovations made during the last decade. Although I am convinced that the camera gear and the software for post-processing doesn’t matter at all.

You have to be in the right place at the right time and be able to see the uniqueness of the scenery. An Agfa Isola would be sufficient to get your unique shot.

This is what I have learned through all the years – and I am still learning.